3 Best AP US History Review Books

ap us history review

Your APUSH exam is here, and you probably have no idea how to prepare yourself. Well, there is no shortcut, you must read, and there is not much someone else can do about that, the best we can do, is to help you refresh your knowledge. Here we, have scoured all over to bring you the best AP US history review book to help kick-start your study before the exam.

The Princeton

The Princeton is one of the few best ap us history review books that can come in handy in the last minutes studying. This 368-page guide features a comprehensive coverage of content, strategies, tips, and self-assessments. The book summarizes every major historical event that you need to know prior to taking the test, which makes it a perfect resource for last minutes course review. You will find two full-length practice tests and drills in every chapter for targeted review. Besides, you will get access to an online portal for updates exams information, tips on how to save time while avoiding common traps during the exams. The key criticism of the book is that is needs supplementing; some parts are shorter while some information of the book might unlikely be on the exam.

The Kaplan

The Kaplan is not exactly a course overview type of the book, therefore does not provide tons of content knowledge, but it is one of the best ap us history review books you will find out there. Many students have claimed that the books can be valuable in the last minute’s preparation for AP test. The learning test access includes four full-length practice tests which assess your score then suggests exactly the areas you need to focus on. You will also find test taking tips and other strategies that come from students who scored a 5 on the exam. Although the book is not necessarily for a comprehensive rundown of the US history, it can come in handy for those who have a working knowledge of the AP US history.


If you do not have a comprehensive knowledge to prepare for the test, this 392-page review might be your best bet. It covers the subject thoroughly, has decent summaries and practice tests. It may not be readable as the Princeton Review, and may not have as many practice test as Kaplan, but it is one of the best ap us history review books if you want a supplementary prep book.
You definitely have multiple choice when it comes to ap us history review books, but with these three, you can definitely expect a 5 score on your APUSH exam.